Trust & Quality

xChange24 offers you a fast & reliable payment system

xChange24 payment system provides you an instant checkout flow and safe payment gateways. It allows buyers to make any transaction within a few clicks. Buyers can edit the order and add extra services before confirming the final order and paying with their preferred payment method as well.  Besides, all transactions are synced with the virtual currency system.

Let’s look at this example for better understanding the flow:

Seller post their services:

In xChange24, sellers can easily offer any services for sale, rental, or booking. Multiple fields, including service description, price, images, categories, and tags are possible for sellers to input detailed information of their listings.

Buyer places an order:

Only 3 simple steps, user can search for their needs from anywhere on the marketplace because search bar is on every page. Besides, filtering and sorting functions are supported to help users quickly find the most relevant results. Then, they can proceed to checkout whenever they wish. Transaction is completed in a matter of clicks. .

The payment is instantly transferred to seller:

When the buyer successfully places an order, the money is sent through a payment gateway to both the admin account (commission) and seller account. Both buyer & seller don’t need to worry about the risk of online transaction because  secure payment gateways are built into xChange24 to ensure that all payment is transferred without any trouble.